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William Morris Fabric

William Morris had great influence on late-19th century design. In flat yet complicated patterns, Morris interpreted the flowers and birds in his garden.

These prints highlight William Morris’s skills at translating nature into pattern. From Eyebright, a tiny alpine bloom, to the showy Honeysuckle, the florals reveal Morris’s close observation of his garden, including the visitors with whom he shared the garden---birds, foxes and rabbits.

The large print Wandle is named “to honor our helpful stream,” the river that flowed near the dyeworks, providing water for the colouring processes as well as a lovely landscape. Subtle colours echo the shades of the natural dyes so important to Morris’s vision.

Morris Earthly Paradise is the latest in the series of studies by Barbara Brackman. There are very limited amounts of the remaining prints from the previous range, The Best of Morris.

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